Ask us about our 3 Years / 36,000 Mile Warranty!

image_06There’s not much that we can’t fix on a car. It’s what we do. But really good auto service should mean more.

At Ford’s you’ll notice we know a lot about your car by the time you arrive to pick it up. We search for signs of wear, leaking fluid and loose connections, things that are small to begin with but can cost a lot if not found early. With the help of computers and lots of data from the manufacturer, we get a pretty clear picture of not just what went wrong, but what’s needed to get your car running at its best.

We’re also transmission specialists. Modern transmissions are extremely complex and require a keen eye and a firm hand. At Ford’s we’ve got the experience to solve transmission problems extremely effectively, controlling costs and leaving your car shifting the way it should. Cars are driven by people. And every person has a set of special needs. At Ford’s you’ll see we understand…and care. There’s a smarter way to service your car.

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